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Sunflower Oil, Mid Oleic RBD



DESCRIPTION:   New hybrids of the traditional sunflower species product an oil unusually high in oleic acid C18:1. The appearance of this new hybrid only differs in the color of the kernel shells from off white to silver grey compared to black resp. black stripes. The seed is pressed; the obtained oil is filtered and subsequently refined. The result is a light transparent high oleic sunflower seed oil with excellent oxidative stability.

APPEARANCE, FLAVOR & COLOR              Clear, pale yellow liquid; almost odorless with characteristic bland taste.   Color Lovibond 5¼: red = 1.2 Max.


PEROXIDE VALUE             1.0 meq/kg Max.

IODINE VALUE: 96 – 112

ACID VALUE:      Max. 0.5

MOISTURE:         0.10% Max.

COLD TEST AT 0°C             12 Hours Min.

SPECIFIC GRAVITY:          0.919 – 0.924

SAPONIFICATION:           188 – 198


PALMITIC ADIC C 16:0    4.0 – 6.0%

STEARIC ACID    C 18:0    2.5 – 5.0%

OLEIC ACID         C 18:1    Min. 50%

LINOLEIC ACID   C 18:2    15.0 – 35.0%

LINOLENIC ACID               C 18:3    Max. 0.1

ARACHIDIC ACID              C 20:0    Max. 0.6%

BEHENIC ACID   C 22:0    Max. 1.1%

OTHER FATTY ACIDS        Max. 3%

STORAGE:           Keep away from direct sunlight at room temperature in tightly sealed containers (nitrogen blanketed). The shelf life is 2 years from date of manufacture in unopened containers.

USAGE:                Mid-Oleic Sunflower Oil is commonly used in the food industry in conditions with extra high cooking temperatures; this oil is also recognized for its health benefits of lower levels of trans fats. Sunflower oils are also used in cosmetic formulations as an emollien


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