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Refined Rice Bran Oil


Rice Bran Oil for food use has been commercially produced in the world. Despite its similarities to other common vegetable oils, rice bran oil offers several unique properties that make it very interesting as a specialty oil in niche markets. It has a very appealing nut-like flavor and once extracted is very stable with good fry-life. But perhaps its most notable feature is its high level of components with nutraceutical value such as gamma-oryzanol and tocotrienols.
Rice bran oil exhibits excellent frying performance and contributes a pleasant flavor to the fried food. It possesses good storage stability and fry life without hydrogenation, due to its moderate level of naturally occurring saturated fatty acids and at least in part to its low linolenic acid content. These properties make it a premium choice for frying upscale products with delicate flavors. Most restaurants have now switched to Rice Bran Oil for their Tempura Frying Oil because of its superior performance in this special application. General frying applications, ranging from potato chips and similar snacks to chicken, exhibit excellent taste and texture profiles when using Rice Bran Oil. Since hydrogenation isn’t required for stability, it is a natural high-quality liquid frying oil that is also free of trans-fatty acids.
Composition: 100% Refined, Bleached, Dewaxed, Deodorized Rice Bran Oil
Physical Analysis
Color (Lovibond, red) 3.5 max AOCS Cc 13b-45
Smoke Point (°F) 450 min AOCS Cc 95a-48
Flash Point (°F) 620 min AOCS Cc 95a-48
Fire Point (°F) 670 min AOCS Cc 95a-48
Flavor/Odor (bland/none) 7 min Organoleptic
Chemical Analysis
Free Fatty Acid (% as oleic) 0.05 max AOCS Ca 5a-40
Peroxide Value (meq/kg) 1.0 max AOCS Cd 8-53
Moisture (%) 0.05 max AOCS Ca 2e-84
Chlorophyll (ppb) 75 max AOCS Cc 13d-55
Iodine Value (Wijs) 99 – 108 AOCS Cd 1-25
AOM 25 minimum
Nutrition Facts (as per 100 g)
Calories 900
Calories from fat 900
Total fat 100 grams
Saturated fat 18 g (+/- 5%)
Monounsaturated fat 44 g (+/- 5%)
Polyunsaturated fat 38 g (+/- 5%)
Carbohydrate 0 g
Protein 0 g
Sodium 0 mg
Product Safety
Our Rice Bran Oil is produced under good manufacturing practices.
Our products also comply with all applicable EU and USA pesticide tolerances and meet the Pharmacopeia Standards for heavy metal content in vegetable oils.
Storage / Shelf-Life
In bulk, with storage tank temperature of 100 to 125 °F, a period of 1 month is optimum, or 3 months maximum with QC checks. A tank atmosphere of nitrogen is strongly recommended for storage. Shelf life after packaging is 9 months from date of manufacture under cool, dry conditions.



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