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Refined Cottonseed Oil

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It is extracted from cottonseed. and has been a the predominant oil for well over a century. Until the 1940’s, it was the major vegetable oil produced in the recent time. Cottonseed oil now is third in volume behind soybean and corn oil.
There are many food applications: a salad oil, a cooking oil for frying and a shortening for margarine.
Transparency: clarifying and transparent
Odor: bland and sweet-smelling
Color: Yellow 35 Red 5.0
Acid Value: =< 0.30
Moisture & Volatile matter: 0.05
Infusible Impurities: 0.05
Residual solvent content in oil: nothing( Free )
Total fatty acid: 99.06g/100g
Saturated fatty acid: 21.58g/100g
Single unsaturated fatty acid: 11.81g/100g
Polyunsaturated fatty acid: 61.31g/100g
Cholesterol: Nothing( Free )
Vitamin A: 0.023mg/100g
Vitamin E: 107mg/100g



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