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Dry Konjac Chip


Konjac flour is now increasingly popular as a healthy dish and is rich in benefits, especially for those who are on a diet to lose weight. This flour can be processed into various kinds of snacks, including thickening material for jelly but the most popular type of dish is konjac noodles or shirataki noodles. There are various benefits of this konjac noodles namely, maintaining a feeling of fullness in the stomach, low in calories, rich in fiber, cholesterol free, fat free, can normalize blood sugar and cholesterol, and can launch bowel movements. Besides that, this way of processing the noodles is quite practical, you only need to soak the dried konjac noodles in water for about 7 minutes and cook them as desired.


Based on the results of konjac research is a natural food consisting of up to 97% water, glucomannan fiber or 3% water soluble fiber. Konjac is very minimal in calories and fat and from studies that have been carried out regular consumption of konjac will help control weight and make the body healthy, especially digestion. Konjac also includes foods that cannot be digested by the body because it is very slippery and chewy.

This is why konjac jelly and noodles are effective as cleaning agents left over from food left in the large intestine. So if you have constipation problems or difficult bowel movements, maybe food from konjac can help you. Scientists have also recently discovered another fact that konjac also contributes to maintaining cholesterol and blood sugar levels but is stable, and prevents high blood pressure.

Because of the nutritional value and the extraordinary properties of konjac, Japanese people came to dub the ingredient as the healthiest food. To overcome people’s dependence on wheat flour in noodles, bread and cakes, konjac is very suitable as a healthier alternative. Moreover, dried konjac prepared from the root tubers of porang plants can flourish in Indonesia. The problem is that the community cannot yet process konjac as a ready-to-eat dish. Even so it is now quite easy to get these konjac materials on the market or in various market places on the internet.


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